Tricks to Finding the Right Magician for the Right Event Revealed

Look up a magician Perth offers and you will find plenty of them.

Some may offer stand-up or stage performances, while others do close-up or strolling magic.  The former is when a magician performs magic tricks on stage rather than go around and mingle with the guests. This is ideal for both a small and large audience.

magician Perth

The latter, on the other hand, is one that walks around while performing tricks. This type of Perth magician is perfect for company picnics, cocktail parties, and open houses.

Apart from deciding on the type of magician in Perth to hire, you also need to think about whether a performer is suitable for your kind of event.

Looking for someone suited for a corporate party? There are tricks to finding a magician Perth offers that can entertain professionals and employees.

How to Find the Right Magician for a Specific Type of Event


Find out if the magician has experience performing in company outings, events, and social gatherings. If they do, they are likely to be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to surpass the jokes going around a group of geeks in an IT firm or to make a serious bunch of accountants laugh their heads off.

It is important to remember that the corporate world has a diverse group of people with likes and dislikes that vary from those of students and young children. Therefore, a magician for kid’s party just won’t do.


What kind of magic tricks do they perform? Do they perform on stage or close to guests? Will they perform tricks while people are dancing or drinking? What kind of props do they use or don’t they use any?

To help you find the answers, check out reviews and testimonials. You can also look up previous clients and ask for feedback.

Videos or Photos

Look for further proof of a magician’s abilities and performances. If you can find videos or photos online, make sure to check them out. If you enjoy what you see, the rest of the team probably will too.

Not sure if you and the rest of the crew have similar tastes? Get everyone to check out a magician’s photos or videos and discuss what you like and dislike about them.


If a magician promises to give your money back if you’re not satisfied with their performance, then you know they are confident in their abilities. This kind of guarantee is the best you will ever find.

But different magicians offer different guarantees. Just make sure that the one you hire offers a comprehensive one.

Payment Terms

With corporate parties, expenses are usually shouldered by the company so easy payment terms might not be a huge concern. The same is true for people with an unlimited budget.

If this is not the case, however, a magician Perth has that offers this kind of arrangement will prove financially advantageous. If cost is spread over a certain period of time, creating the entertainment budget would be less of a headache.

You can also narrow down your search by specifying that you are looking for a magician specializing in specific events. But the most effective way to find the best magician Perth offers, such as Pierre Ulric, is to take the long process. Visit us now at

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