Office and art supplies that make your job easy

Stationery items are something that people use everyday for various purposes. They’re indispensable and get depleted fast because of repeated use. In such cases, you should go for quality products which last longer and provide more for less. Among stationery items, notebooks are always in demand. The Rhodia notebook is very popular among writers, artists and designers because of its variety and high quality.

Types of notebooks available nowadays

The Rhodia notebook comes with many pad rulings like lined (with and without margins), dot grid, graph and blank notebooks. The notebooks are in the form of pads which are very easy to use because of the stiff back cover and ultra smooth paper which supports the use of all kinds of pencils, sketch pens, ball pens and fountain pens. The iconic orange and black Rhodia notebook is the all-time favourite of notebook lovers. These notebooks come in various sizes ranging from 3X8.25″ to 16.5X12.5″ and all come with lined, graph and dot grid varieties. Along with the pad varieties, there are weekly planners, pocket notebooks, meeting books, wire bound notebooks, reverse books, staple bound notebooks and colourful notepads. Artists and designers find these notebooks very useful because of their cost-effectiveness and high-quality paper.

New varieties of writing and drawing supplies

There are many innovative and creative art supplies available nowadays. Stabilo art supplies are very reliable and high-quality products which are used by children and adults alike. The ink pens do not blot or scratch and are available in five colour combinations. These can be used on fountain pen friendly notebook papers or any other paper. There are drawing pencils, gel pens, graph pens and pencils, colour pencils, permanent and non-permanent markers, erasable ink pens, felt pens highlighters, ball point pens, all surface writing pens, dot pens, calligraphy pens available which make your work easy and fun-filled. With such art supplies, artists, designers, children and everybody else can write, draw and colour to their heart’s content. These supplies are ergonomically designed keeping in mind the comfort of the user. Also, these art supplies are available in interesting prints, shapes and colours. So you can buy these supplies to do your creative work and you also get the advantage of looking cool while doing it!

Buying office and art supplies is so easy

All the products mentioned above and many more varieties can be browsed through and bought online by visiting websites like You should choose only the best products for the best results. Shopping for stationery is a very exciting task because of the unbelievable varieties available now.


Notebooks and pens are required by most of us to do various things like noting down important information, drawing, doodling and creative writing. In order to preserve your work for a long time and to get good results, you should use stationery which is good in quality as well as affordable. So go ahead and buy a whole set of new office and art supplies mentioned above to get your creative juices flowing!

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