How to Choose the Right Cladding Stone for Your Surfaces

There is no doubt that natural stone holds a magical allure on both the developers and property buyers alike. It is elegant, bold and beautiful. It is inspirational, cool and timeless. It can be personalized to your unique distinctively tastes. But which stone goes where? If you are shopping for stone cladding Brisbane products, that is a question that will be on your mind a lot. Here is a simple guide to help you make the best decision on where to deploy your elegant jewels of construction materials.

Stone Cladding Brisbane


The options

When it comes to stone cladding Brisbane applications for your development projects, the range of options that you can work with in the market is basically endless. There is the limestone, travertine, porphyry, marble, slate and soapstone amongst others. With the Stone and Tiles Queensland, you can now order the highest quality of these stones quarried to the highest standards which you can use for your construction projects.

Selecting the right natural stone to use in a particular surface is like choosing a home itself. It is your personal choice and what you select basically represents what appeals to you the most. Your personalized sense of taste and style. And with these, you have an elegant array of jewels to choose from that you will be spoilt for choice. There is arguably a great variety to pick from but which variety tickles your heart the most and where can you use them in your realty developments?

When it comes to choosing stone cladding Brisbane products, it is not just about the aesthetic quality. You must also consider applicability of the natural stone. Some stones are certainly not suited for some places. There are several things that you need to look at when deciding where to deploy particular kinds of stones in your cladding applications:


Marble is one of the most popular Brisbane stone cladding products. It is incredibly beautiful and elegant and you can put it into diverse applications when building your realty. Some of the areas where you can apply the marble include the countertops, the walls, floors, fireplaces, foyers, bathrooms and many other places. When you use marble in your realty, you will be adding a highly sophisticated element that is guaranteed to appeal to your buyers.

With the superior engineering characteristics of the marble stone, you can really have it cut into variable shapes and styles for highly versatile applications.


This is one of the hardest materials out there that could use for stone cladding in Brisbane. One of granite’s winning qualities is its heart throbbing array of truly elegant and spectacular colors and designs. It is also quite durable. A granite cladding is a really once in a lifetime investment that will last for generations. Granite is best applied on the frequently used surfaces thanks to its truly exceptional strength.

Travertine and limestone

Use these if you are planning to add some beautiful enhancements in your home in order to achieve elegance in your surfaces. Travertine is particularly suited for the exterior and the interior wall cladding, curbing and statuaries. You can on the other hand use limestone as a building stone thanks to its availability and ease of handling.

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